Let us discuss your needs from a Business / IT Perspective, then you can select the Hardware, Software and Services you would like. 

Next, choose a 24 to 60 month subscription.  We will deliver, install and provide support as needed.

Example: $30,000 in Hardware, $6,000 for Software divided by the number of months you would like for the subscription (24 to 60 Months) & Optional $30 a Month for 24/7 Technical Help Desk Support per Endpoint under DaaS and / or existing Endpoints.

Example based on 1 Small Business Server, 20 Desktops or Notebooks  / Other Endpoints & Around the Clock Technical Support.  


  • Easy-to-buy technology on an easy-to-execute subscription agreement

  • Flexibility and scalability to match changing business needs

  • Freedom to scale up, scale down, make changes, refresh or return early

  • Low minimum and no maximum subscription plans from 24-60 months to meet your budgetary needs

  • Up-to-date security via new devices, systems updates, and bundled services Available in an easy-to-execute 2-5 year subscription

  • DaaS is billed monthly with a budget-friendly payment.

  • Freedom to Scale Up or Down (restrictions apply)


$250 per month on average per Server Support and maintenance / $100 with DaaS Subscription

$60 per month on average per Desktop Support and maintenance  / $30 with DaaS Subscription 


Example: Servers by $250 + Number of Desktops by $60 = Monthly Fee / Discounted under DaaS

(1 Server &  5 Desktops Minimum)

A properly prepared Managed Services Agreement will:

  • Document each party’s responsibilities

  • Establish the entire service agreement between the parties

  • Protect both parties

  • Set appropriate expectations among all parties

  • Insure profitability for the service provider

  • Provide the client a (Service Level Agreement (SLA) for services

  • The Managed Services Agreement

Definition of Services

This section of the Agreement should provide a high-level overview of the services embodied in the   Agreement, which will be broken down in detail in subsequent sections of the document.

Term of the Agreement

This section of the Agreement will spell out the term, as well as termination clauses of the Agreement.

Fees and Payment Schedule

This section of the Agreement contains the fee for services, as well as payment schedule.


This section of the Agreement documents the service provider’s policy regarding collection of any required taxes for services rendered.

Coverage hours

This section of the Agreement documents the service provider’s hours of coverage under the Agreement.


This section of the Agreement documents services that are specifically excluded from the Agreement.

Minimum Standards

This section of the Agreement establishes minimum standards required to deliver services, and may include requirements for operating systems, applications and their versions, patch and update levels and equipment and hardware states, along with other factors.

Problem Management Process

This section of the Agreement illustrates for the client the service provider’s problem management process.

Response and Resolution

This section of the Agreement documents the service provider’s problem categorization process and resultant response and resolution times for service requests.

Limitation of Liability/Confidentiality

These sections of the Agreement contain the service provider’s limitation of liability clause and confidentiality policy.

Covered Users and Equipment

This section of the Agreement documents all users, equipment, vendors and services covered under the Agreement.

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